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At Maryland Vision Institute, we’re passionate about your vision and dedicated to helping you enjoy freedom from corrective eyewear. We’re pioneers in laser technology, including being the first surgeons in the entire region to offer patients the benefits of all-laser Wavelight LASIK and our next-generation Contoura Vision LASIK procedure. With experience you can trust, technology you can count on and Fellowship training to help ensure optimal results, look to Maryland Vision Institute for the ultimate LASIK experience. 
We know that everyone wants to enjoy clear, natural vision without the limitations of corrective artificial eyewear. We also know that financial constraints are one of the main obstacles preventing people from having all-laser LASIK. That’s why we offer 0% financing, cash savings and the lowest monthly payments in the industry. Making quality LASIK affordable for everyone is our goal. Let us make LASIK affordable for you by calling us today to schedule your free consultation.


Your eyes deserver the best, so don't settle for less. That's why Maryland Vision Institute only offers all-laser, blade-free LASIK. We can also customize your LASIK procedures to not only fit your unique prescription, but also to enhance your lifestyle. Our advanced diagnostics and measurements allow us to prepare precise LASIK surgical plans for your eyes only. Whether you’re NEARsighted, FARsighted or have Astigmatism, our goal is still 20/20 or better for our patients.

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Alright, truth be told... EVERYONE wants 20/20 vision! Right now, we are making LASIK more affordable and we are giving our patients the most advanced technology out there. Finish off your summer with the best vision of your life. 

Be sure to click the button above, to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation so you can take advantage of our amazing $2400 savings. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

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Life is too short for poor vision. See it clearly with our advanced LASIK procedures. Start your journey today.

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