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We know that everyone wants to enjoy clear, natural vision without the limitations of corrective artificial eyewear. We also know that financial constraints are one of the main obstacles prevent people from having all-laser LASIK. That’s why we offer 0% financing, cash savings and the lowest monthly payments in the industry. Making quality LASIK affordable for everyone is our goal. Let us make LASIK affordable for you.

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At Maryland Vision Institute, we’re passionate about your vision and dedicated to helping you reduce or eliminate your dependence on corrective eyewear. We’re pioneers in laser technology, like being the first in the entire region to offer patients the benefits of all-laser Wavelight LASIK and our new Next-Generation Contoura Vision LASIK procedure. We offer more blade-free LASIK experience – and more Fellowship training – than any other surgeons in Central Maryland. For your eyes, trust the eye care professionals of Maryland Vision Institute.

More Customized

Because our eyes are as unique as our fingerprints, the pioneering surgeons of Maryland Vision Institute offer more all-laser LASIK options than anyone in the region. We customize our LASIK procedures to not only fit your unique prescription, but also to enhance your lifestyle. Our advanced diagnostics and measurements allow us to prepare a precise LASIK surgical plan that is unique to your eyes only. That’s why our patients enjoy some of the best outcomes in the industry. Whether you’re NEARsighted, FARsighted or have Astigmatism, our goal is still 20/20 and beyond!

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Our building is as state-of-the-art inside…as it is beautiful outside. We take great pride in offering our patients more laser technology, more advanced diagnostics and surgical techniques than almost any other eye center. Our doctors and professional eye care team are among the most well-trained in the industry and offer patients the latest breakthroughs in vision correction technology. For experience you can trust, technology you can rely on and patient care that is unsurpassed, look to Maryland Vision Institute.

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New Year, New Vision at Maryland Vision 

Okay, it’s 2018. And you’re STILL wearing artificial eyewear to keep your world in focus?

At Maryland Vision Institute, we have a better way to start the New Year…and it will only take a few seconds. Our exciting Wavelight & Contoura Vision LASIK procedures can correct an entire lifetime of blurry vision - including your Astigmatism - in 10 or 15 seconds. That’s how amazing our new laser technology is at Maryland Vision Institute.

So this year, we wish you Happy New VISION  with our $2400 LASIK Savings Certificate. Download it now and combine it with our 0% financing and your Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account to turn your LASIK dreams into reality.  Call 301-791-0888 to schedule your LASIK consultation!

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Fill out the form below to get a printable LASIK Savings Voucher!

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